60th Anniversary Capital Campaign   

The church lives on because one generation passes on the faith to the next generation. Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church is in its 60th year as a congregation. As we look back over the last 60 years, we also look forward to the future. The 60th Anniversary Campaign is rooted in our belief that the gospel still needs to be proclaimed by a reformed congregation along Six Forks Road. What will make that possible? Engaging in vital and faithful ministry that helps people experience God in community.  
   The leadership of the church believes the following priorities will help us be more vital and faithful for years to come.


Sanctuary Upgrades: $550,000
In 2012, HMPC conducted a successful campaign to address major structural issues including a new HVAC system, providing an elevator and better accessibility, paving, painting and roof work. However, it has been many years since improvements and upgrades have been made in the sanctuary– the space where our largest groups gather and where we host the most guests. Making this space flexible, inviting and hospitable is an important component to making HMPC a welcoming place to worship.  
   Sanctuary areas to be addressed in the campaign include new paint, carpet, pew cushions, lighting, long over-due electrical updates and a new organ console.  
   The campaign would also address areas identified in the Task Force Report on Sunday Morning Worship, Education & Fellowship. Approved by Session, the Report calls for alterations to the sanctuary to increase flexibility, accessibility and intimacy while respecting the building’s history. These improvements include removing pews at the front and rear of the sanctuary. The front pews will be replaced with beautiful worship chairs with fabric that matches the pew cushions. The chairs will allow for creativity and intimacy for smaller worship services. The area where the rear pews are removed will be available for parents with small children and those who need an alternative setting. This open area will also be available for indoor fellowship following worship service. A small kitchenette will be added to the north entry room to facilitate more easily this time of community. LCD projection ability will be added so visual illustrations can be used appropriately before and during worship. A beautiful and accessible sanctuary welcome entrance will replace the Karl Hudson Room. 


Foundation: $550,000
A strong endowment will ensure on-going stability for Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church. The Campaign will allow the generosity of the congregation to grow the endowment managed by the Foundation to over $750,000. Funding at this level would enable us to supplement the operating budget of the church from investment income by approximately $35,000 every year. Session will direct the investment income to the greatest benefit of the ministries of the church. Initially the additional income will be used to support the efforts of the Property Committee for needed building repairs and maintenance. In future years, the investment income could be used to support additional staff for our children’s ministries or mission programs. The building of our endowment to a meaningful level will be a significant step in securing the mission of Hudson Memorial for the next 60 years. 

Payoff the Debt on 5012 Langley Circle & Remove the House: $150,000
Presently the church owns one house located at 5012 Langley Circle. This house was purchased in 1994 to secure land around the church for potential future expansion. Presently the church has a mortgage on this property of $125,000.  The house is currently unoccupied and is not suitable for habitation in its current condition. A successful 60th Anniversary Campaign will enable us to pay off the mortgage, demolish the house and level the lot. The mortgage is currently being paid through the annual operating budget.  

Capital Projects: $50,000
While funds raised for the Foundation in this campaign will help relieve some of the pressure on the annual operating budget by eliminating the mortgage on 5012 Langley Circle and providing investment funds through the Endowment, there are currently, and will continue to arise, large capital projects. A small portion of the money raised in this campaign will be used to bridge the gap on needed large scale repairs.