The Gathering - Adult Education Sunday Morning Program

The discipline of setting aside at least a portion of Sunday as intentional Sabbath is important and we hope that The Gathering will become a part of your Sabbath. We have offerings designed to equip adults living out their faith in the world in the areas of current issues and culture bible study; peacemaking, justice and mission; spiritual formation and practice; and reformed theology, there is a lot to choose from! There will also be opportunities to learn more about the mission and ministry of the PCUSA and our congregation which both members and visitors will find helpful. 


Here are some additional things to note: 

  • You may attend any offering any time

  • Most weeks there are 5 or 6 offerings, occasionally there will be an opportunity for everyone to meet together for a special program

  • Some offerings are thematically the same but have different content for 2, 3 and 4 consecutive weeks

  • Ongoing offerings that last for most of the semester are available 

  • Outside offerings are repeated regularly,  weather permitting

  • A few offerings are designated “especially for parents” and “especially for visitors”: these are  open to anyone but of special interest to these groups

  • Both pastors and many of our members are leading the offerings each week

We have designed The Gathering to allow for varied interests and schedules and invite you to prayerfully consider how you may participate. We are counting on your active involvement!    
   Members of the Adult Committee would love to share our enthusiasm about The Gathering with you personally or answer any questions, just ask us!  Lindsey Ogden, Ron Ash, Sarah Edge, Marsha Hendrixson, Keto Komono, Susan Grigg, Blanche Wenge, Susan Bradshaw and Debbie Kirk