Healing Together:
An Evening with Dr. Hillary McBride

 Wednesday, May 11  -   7:00-9:00pm
White Memorial Presbyterian Church

HMPC Deacons invite you to "Healing Together: An Evening with Dr. Hillary McBride".  Almost a year ago, White Memorial staff invited several congregations to partner with them in sponsoring an event to assist us in dealing with some of the issues that Covid-19 was causing and/or making more acute. HMPC agreed that this kind of resource is much needed, and on behalf of our church made the financial commitment to participate and Debbie Kirk agreed to serve on the planning team. We are pleased that after months of Covid-related changes in scheduling we now have a firm date for the event! Our Deacons will be attending and invite all members of our church to attend as well. For questions, contact Debbie Kirk or an HMPC Deacon.


Registration link is on White Memorial's homepage or HERE.

"More than ever before we are coming into cultural awareness about the reality of trauma and the need to understand it and address it, both individually and collectively. But what is trauma? How does it impact us? How do we heal from it? And what, if anything, do our spirituality and our communities of faith have to do with our ability to mend our wounds? In this talk, psychologist Dr. Hillary McBride will share neuroscience and research-based psychological insights in accessible, meaningful, and practical ways so we can better understand and live into how we heal, in our own journeys and alongside one another."  

Registration is required but there is no cost for participants, thanks to the generosity of the sponsoring churches. This event is Hosted and Sponsored by White Memorial Presbyterian Church and Co-Sponsored by Christ Church, Edenton Street Methodist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Hayes Barton Baptist Church, Hayes Barton United Methodist Church and Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church.