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 Mission Trips 

Over the past few years members and friends of Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church have gone on multiple mission trips.  When we go out into the world, we do so with a humble posture, knowing that we can learn so much from those we go and partner with.  Below are some of the mission and learning experiences we have had in the past few years:


  • 2015 - Adult Trip to Avery County, North Carolina, to work with Habitat for Humanity; Youth Trip to Washington, D.C., serving multiple agencies

  • 2014 - Youth Trip to Heifer International Farm outside of Boston, Massachusetts

  • 2013 - Youth Trip to Miami serving multiple agencies

  • 2012 - Adult RHINO (Rebuilding Hope In New Orleans) Trip

  • 2012 - Youth Trip to Washington DC serving multiple agencies

  • 2011 - Adult RHINO (Rebuilding Hope In New Orleans) Trip

  • 2011 - Youth Trip to Frontera de Cristo Border Ministries

  • 2010 - Adult RHINO (Rebuilding Hope In New Orleans) Trip

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