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 North Raleigh Ministries  

North Raleigh Ministries is a ministry that demonstrates Christian love in action. It is organized as an official non-profit community center with the hope that our community will come together to help insure that none of our neighbors go hungry in our midst.

NRM was established to meet the needs of families and individuals with emergency situations who live in the North Raleigh community. Services include providing Christian encouragement, food and emergency financial aid.


NRM is comprised of three ministries, the Crisis Center (offering financial assistance for people during a crisis), a Food Pantry (to help keep food on the table) and the Thrift Shoppe (selling good items to generate revenue to sustain all NRM ministries).


When North Raleigh Ministries was first started, it was located in the house next to Hudson and only 5 volunteers were needed each Tuesday to work in the food pantry and crisis center.


Now that the Thrift Shoppe has been added and expanded to almost 20,000 square feet 25-30 volunteers are needed each day to open and effectively staff all areas. It is amazing to see how this ministry that started in a house has grown to the ministry that it has become. We truly are helping our neighbors in need.


North Raleigh Ministries
(919) 844-6676
9650 Strickland Road
Raleigh NC 27615

Hours of Operation
Crisis Center & Food Pantry:

Monday – Thursday; 10am – 1pm  *Applicants must sign in by 12:30pm
Monday and Thursday; 1pm – 4pm  *Applicants must sign in by 3:00pm

Thrift Shoppe:

Monday – Friday; 10am – 4pm

Saturday; 10am – 2pm

We are currently collecting non-perishable food for North Raleigh Ministries in the baskets in the sanctuary.


  • Individual packs of hot cereal and grits

  • Individually wrapped snacks Canned tuna and other proteins

  • Fruit -- canned or in plastic cups

  • Crackers

  • Peanut Butter

  • Boxed dinners

  • Canned pasta

  • Canned soup

  • Pasta sauce

  • Canned Beans


Visit North Raleigh Ministries

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