The Deacons of Hudson provide a ministry of care, love and compassion to those in distress, to members who have suffered loss, to friends in the hospital, to those who have lost their jobs, to new parents experiencing the confusion of a wonderful and challenging change in the responsibilities of life, to new members who need a word of welcome, to members who are lonely and cannot leave their homes, to people in the community who have lost their way and can no longer find God, to those who are economically depressed and do not have adequate places to live or enough to eat, and to any people who need to experience the love of Christ in concrete ways. Know that God is with you and that you are loved.

If you or someone you know is in need of comfort, please contact the Deacon of the Month or the church office at (919) 787-1086.


Did you know…..

  • Deacons are elected by the congregation and serve three year terms.

  • Deacons assist the Ministers with pastoral needs of the congregation.

  • Deacons treat each individual and information about that person with care, compassion and confidentiality.

  • Deacons facilitate an extensive prayer ministry that includes Prayer Partners.

  • Deacons are available to provide communion for members who are homebound.

  • Specific areas of ministry include: providing meals on a short term basis; hospital and homebound visitation; ongoing support with those who have experienced a death or other loss and Special Projects.

  • Deacons facilitate special worship services including Evening Prayer Services during Lent and a Maundy Thursday meal and communion around the theme of servant hood.

  • There is a Deacon on Call every month.

  • You can reach the Deacon on Call through the church office, the church website or by contacting them directly.

  • There is a monthly article in the Window Newsletter highlighting an aspect of Deacon Ministry.

  • One of the goals for Deacons is to create a comprehensive plan to more effectively address the needs of senior members and their families.

  • Deacons are trained as they begin active service and receive ongoing training at monthly meetings.

  • Deacons have a retreat each year supported by the Ted Webb Memorial Fund for the purpose of nurturing their own spiritual lives.

  • A part of the stated meetings each month includes Deacons sharing with each other and praying for each other and the needs of members and friends of the congregation.

  • Deacons facilitate special events for the congregation on particular topics, most recently “In the Shadow of the Empty Cross”, a post Easter event for those experiencing loss.

  • Deacons assist with memorial services that are held at HMPC.

  • There are fifteen active Deacons and over 100 ordained Deacons who assist the active Deacons as needed.

  • Deacons serve communion in worship services.

  • Deacons acknowledge holidays with homebound members thru activities such as Christmas Caroling and special gift deliveries.


Want to know more? Just ask us!


As members of the Body of Christ, we care for one another at Hudson Memorial. Our Deacons are active caregivers, and our congregational prayer chain keeps us connected.  There are many ministries of care at Hudson led by the pastors, deacons and other members of the congregation.  Please reach out if you are in need.


“If one member suffers, all suffer together with it; if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it. Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.”  1 Corinthians 12:25-27

Deacon Ministries

Card Ministry
The Deacons who send out those nice cards of well-wishing, concern and prayer can always use donated cards.  If you have some nice-looking cards that are blank (or mostly blank) on the inside that you will not be using, please consider donating them to the Deacons for this purpose.

Care Notes
Ever notice those inspiration pamphlets in racks at the Cranbrook entrance and in the Narthex?  They are called Care Notes and are provided by the Deacons.  Please take these pamphlets as they are needed in your life.

Food Ministry
The Food Ministry of the Deacons provides meals to members in their homes, especially when they are recovering from illness or surgery.  These homemade meals are restorative because of one secret ingredient– the Love of Jesus Christ enters the meal from the heart of the one preparing it and praying over it.

Ministry of Prayer
Prayer is the heart of the Deacons’ and Prayer Partners’ ministry at Hudson.  The Deacons seek to pray as a group and individually for each person by name. At any given time, the Deacons and Prayer Partners are keeping in touch with and praying for over a hundred members, relatives and friends of Hudson.  If you need prayers, or know someone who does, please let any deacon or pastor know.

Ministry of Presence
Within our congregation, many of our brothers and sisters are grieving a loss or suffering under illness or stress.  Each one of us can be a blessing to them by practicing the “ministry of presence.” Just as the Deacons sit together in the front row of a memorial service just to be present, each of us can provide comfort and strength by doing nothing more than being present.


Special Projects
The Deacon’s Special Projects ministry exists to do those things that help keep members connected and participating which fall outside the regular ministries of prayer, cards, meals, etc.


Congregational Care Line
If you call the office after church hours (919) 787-1086 you can access the Careline, on extension 35. Please leave a message and a Deacon will contact you.

Deacon Moderator - Beth Billman


Class of 2019

Beth Billman

JoLee Carpenito

Keto Komono

Nancy Law

Hope Parangi

Class of 2020

Pat Balletta

Doug Goodale

Jill Hovis

Yvonne Peterson

Dan Vig

Class of 2021

Tony Bedini

Billy Branch

Jeffrey Coonse

Linda Meeks

Ace Ornt


Due to Covid-19, we will have worship services available online but not in the sanctuary. The building is closed until April 20th.



We welcome your request to be added to our Prayer list.  You may click here to submit a request electronically, or you may call 919-787-1086 and press 2 for the Deacon's Prayer Line.




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