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 Church Officers and Session  

Church Officers

Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church is served by two bodies of elections representatives, the Session and the Diaconate. The Session is made up of 12 Elders, and the Diaconate consists of 15 Deacons. Members of both bodies serve three year terms.


Below are the members of these two bodies:


The Deacons are church members elected to work with the ministers to provide care to members and their families. Their ministry of compassion and service is available through  prayer, visitation, and regular contact with those who are homebound.  Deacons also provide meals and transportation, and are available in times of special need. Deacons sponsor workshops on topics of interest to the congregation and community such as el eldercare and grief.  If you would like prayer, have a request or would like to talk with a Deacon, contact the Deacon on Call using the church office number.

Deacon Moderator - Gretchen McDuffie


The Session is responsible for the mission and government of the particular church. The Session consists of the pastor, associate pastors and the ruling elders in active service. Ruling Elders are chosen by the people. Together with Teaching Elders, they exercise leadership, government, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of a particular church as well as the church at large, including ecumenical relationships.

Session meetings are typically held the fourth Monday of each month in various locations on the church campus at 7 pm.

Clerk of Session –  Glenn Schindo

Class of 2024

Tom Bradshaw (Stewardship)

Cary Dickerson (Children's Ministry)

Roger Howard (Outreach & Assimilation)

Joan Lester (Fellowship & Care)

Class of 2025
Dottie Burch (Property)
Carol Cox 
(Children's Ministry)

Jay Cummins (Adult Education)
Melinda Dickinson (Worship & Arts)

Class of 2026

Ken Krause

Caroline Smart

Dan Vig

John Williams

There is more information about the Deacons here.

Click here for Officer Recommendation Form

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