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HMPC Labyrinth


What is a labyrinth?  Labyrinths, unlike mazes, have only one pathway into the center and back out.  There are no wrong turns, blind alleys or opportunities for you to make choices.  It is this very lack of the need for choices that allows you to settle into a natural state of meditation, knowing that the path will inevitably lead to the center if you will only put one foot in front of the other.


Labyrinth have a 5000-year history around the globe.  Hudson’s labyrinth is called a classical labyrinth with seven circuits to the center.  It is the oldest labyrinth design.  In the middle ages the labyrinth was adopted into Christian tradition and used to symbolize pilgrimage when it was too dangerous to travel to the Jerusalem or Rome.  Labyrinths were placed in some of the great gothic cathedrals of Europe.  Today there has been a revival of their use to provide space for prayer, meditation and rest.


Here are some thoughts you might consider before you begin your walk:

Take some deep breaths and release any tension or anxiety you might have.  Breathe in God’s gift of life.

  • During your walk you might: 

  • Listen to your life.

  • Listen for thoughts and memories that rise up in you.

  • Listen for metaphors.

  • Listen for God/Speak with God

  • Take in nature.

  • Ask for wisdom.

  • Rest, relax and quiet yourself.


Our public outdoor labyrinth is located on the land on the north end of the property.  Park in the north parking lot and walk up the stairs.  The labyrinth is under the tall southern pines and is open all the time.

 If you have questions about the labyrinth please contact Mac Schafer 

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